Shooting Irish Lacrosse Club located in York Pa was formed in 2002 to teach, promote and spread the love of lacrosse throughout the parochial and private schools of York County and surrounding area.


Our Club Board is pleased to present to one female and male student athlete graduating from high school, The Spirit of Irish Lacrosse Award.  

The criteria: 

1.  Senior Irish lacrosse player who played for SILC.
2.  Honors the game of lacrosse with spirit and sportsmanship 
3.  Values the ROOTS of lacrosse
4.  Gives her/his best effort at practice and games
5.  Continues to learn and improve lacrosse skills
6.  Learns from mistakes and makes the best of it
7.  Shows and values leadership, commitment and respect


Spirit of Shooting Irish Lacrosse Award Recipients: 


2010                                                   Colby Stubbs



2013 Alexis China &

        Katie Linthicum

2014 Lindsay Givens                          Alex Doyle

2015 Shannon Moore                         Alec Lloyd

2016 Lindsey China                           Luke Brennan

2017 Kayleigh Povrika        

2018 Lauren China                            Kyle Dormer

2019 Grace Reed                               Ricky Pokrivka 

         Sarah Reed